Sunday, August 14, 2011


yeah !  it's enjoy time. trip to Ranchan ! 
the night before the trip, we prepared 'ingredients' that we gonna do for the cooking in the early morning. (:

we all wake up early the next day to prepare the foods that we gonna bring for our picnic.  everyone felt sleepy because didn't have enough sleep time.  talking about sleep, it's not my style to sleep late and wake up early for the ordinary days but today it's different because we already set a plan for our today's activity. :P

i managed to capture pictures along the way to our spot for the picnic !

yeah, thanks to our driver Mr Jack Jemoline we safely arrived there. :D
it's the second time for me being here.  i target for the same spot after arrived there.  and here we are !

our activities are swimming, taking pictures, eat and eat, drink more and more.  we have a wonderful moment, a blast enjoying activities, laughing out loudly and enjoying our moments till the end.  :)

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